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Power M-mode Transcranial Doppler with HDO™ Digital Processing

Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound

— About Us —

The Company

Spencer Technologies is the world leader in the design and development of digital Power M-Mode Transcranial Doppler. This patented technology is designed to reduce healthcare costs, minimize test variability, and improve patient outcomes. Merrill P. Spencer MD and Scott M. Seidel are the cofounders of Spencer Technologies which started in 1992. The company’s first patent issued in 1994. Since then, eight additional patents have been issued and six others are currently pending. Spencer Technologies intends to dominate the Transcranial Doppler market by continually providing easy to use and efficacious Doppler devices for a variety of medical specialties.


Mission Statement

Spencer Technologies is dedicated to developing and marketing ultrasound based devices that will improve patient outcomes by detecting and measuring cerebral blood flow signals. Spencer Technologies continuously strives to:

  • Apply technology to substantially reduce the skill and training required for effective use
  • Allow end-users to significantly increase the speed and accuracy of cerebral blood flow exams
  • Bring non-invasive diagnosis and therapies to fields where these are currently not available